Why Hire Us

On the job injuries can cause pain, frustration and financial distress. When you have been injured, reach out, you do not have to struggle through a claim for benefits on your own. The lawyers at Baum, Ruffolo & Marzal, Ltd., have been assisting workers' compensation claimants in Illinois for over 34 years. We know workers' compensation law and can assist you with all elements of your claim. You will not have to worry about struggling to understand a law that is technical and complicated or about struggling through a claims system and process that is foreign and intimidating.

When BRM Ltd. come to represent you, the firm will protect all of your rights and entitlements under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. We will manage the workers' compensation claim issues, but we will also coordinate companion personal injury actions where called for and will prosecute claims for Social Security Disability income benefits, if appropriate.

As soon as you contact Baum, Ruffolo & Marzal, Ltd., the firm will begin aggressively working for you — exploring all of your options to make sure that you receive the best possible representation and the fullest recovery under the various laws applicable.