Workers’ Compensation

Worker's Compensation

The workers' compensation system was established to shift to the employer the responsibility to provide to its injured worker the costs of injury related medical care, temporary support while the injured worker heals and cannot work, vocational rehabilitation, where necessary, and compensation for the permanent consequences of the injuries suffered. The system requires that a formal claim be filed requesting those benefits. If, however, a claim is not handled properly, the injured individual will likely not receive the essential benefits no matter how badly they are needed.

The lawyers at Baum, Ruffolo & Marzal, Ltd. have extensive (well over 25,000 cases) experience resolving workers' compensation claims for those clients who have suffered serious and debilitating workplace injuries and occupational illnesses. During the periods of recuperation, they provide the information and assistance necessary to alleviate clients' concern about the access to and costs of medical care and the serious concerns about being able to provide for themselves and their families.

The firm has helped tens of thousands of injured workers obtain the compensation and medical benefits they need and deserve. If you are injured in an on-the-job accident, the firm can be of assistance to you.

Your Right's Under the law

Despite the major changes in the Workers' Compensation Law that went into effect in 2005 and 2006, a person who suffers a workplace injury or occupational illness still has many rights. Exercising those rights and getting the assistance needed however, will very likely require the help of an experienced workers' compensation lawyer. Baum, Ruffolo & Marzal, Ltd. is one of the best known, most highly respected, and most experienced firms in the fields of job place injuries and social security disability. The firm is one of the leaders in the field of workers’ compensation law. The firm is made up of serious, innovative and hard working lawyers whose singular focus is helping injured workers.

Baum, Ruffolo & Marzal, Ltd. will examine every aspect of your potential claim and strive to obtain all of the treatment and benefits that you need to make as full a recovery as medical science can deliver. Additionally, the firm will take those actions necessary to secure temporary disability income where needed, vocational rehabilitation benefits, if called for, and compensation for the physical and workplace consequences created by the injury.

Through the years, the attorneys at Baum, Ruffolo & Marzal, Ltd. have secured the statutory benefits that their clients need through all available techniques in the law, including negotiation and discussion, informal procedures available under the Workers’ Compensation Act and Rules of Practice before the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission, trial, internal appeal and external appeals to the various Circuit Courts within the State of Illinois, the Illinois Appellate Court and even the Illinois Supreme Court, when necessary.

Maximizing Compensation

If your injuries resulted from the actions of an individual other than your employer or a fellow employee, you may be entitled to settlements or awards above and beyond that which you receive as a result of your workers' compensation claim. This is true even though your accident occurred while you were on the job!

Baum, Ruffolo & Marzal, Ltd. will investigate all of the possibilities for recovery and, if the firm determines that you are entitled to additional compensation from other sources, we will work to obtain the damages under all the available additional laws and legal theories. The firm's lawyers have extensive experience dealing with industrial accidents, as well as overlapping workers’ compensation, personal injury, and Social Security Disability claims, including the complexities that these issues can present when intertwined.